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The Teacup Pug is keen, with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Animated, it is loyal, loving and affectionate with its family. Playful and lively it is sure to keep you laughing. Highly intelligent, it bores easily without variety in its training. These dogs can be a bit willful if they sense they are stronger minded than the humans around them. Pugs are sensitive to the tone of your voice, so harsh punishment is unnecessary. They need an owner who is calm, yet firm, confident and consistent with the rules. This dog is neither excitable nor dull. They are good watchdogs, very devoted and are not yappers. Pugs get along well with other dogs and pets, and they behave impeccably with both children and visitors. Be sure to be your Pug's pack leader. Pugs that do not have strong human leaders can become jealous, and begin to display guarding behaviors, such as guarding furniture, food, toys, or other spots in the house. This behavior only happens when dogs are allowed to take over. These behaviors can be corrected when the owners start displaying the proper leadership. Dogs that feel they need to run the home are not as happy as dogs that know they are the human’s followers, as it is very stressful for a dog to need to keep "its" humans in line

Are they a good choice for first time owners?

The Teacup Pug is a great first-time dog because they are so biddable by nature and therefore easy to train. With this said, they can be a little easier to house train than other breeds of a similar size, and with patience, perseverance and gentleness, a Pug can be taught to do their "business" outside.

What about prey drive?

The Teacup Pug is a social character by nature and they get on with other animals they meet which includes other pets in a household. They don’t like straying from their owners which generally means they are less likely to take off after an animal they may have spotted in the distance.

What about playfulness?

The Teacup Pug remains very puppy-like in their behavior well into their senior years and being so intelligent, they quickly learn what pleases an owner. They are playful dogs by nature without being overly demanding although they hate being left on their own for any length of time.

What about adaptability?

The Teacup Pug is a very versatile and adaptable little dog being just as happy living in an apartment in town as they are living in the country, providing they are given enough attention, mental stimulation and daily exercise.

What about excessive barking?

Unfortunately, the Teacup Pug is known to like the sound of their own voices a little too much. As such, it's essential that owners gently curb their pet's desire to bark when puppies are still young, but this needs to be done carefully so as not to frighten them which could end up with them barking even more. It's also important to understand that the Teacup breed thrives on being around people and will bark incessantly if they find themselves on their own for long periods of time. In short, a Teacup Pug would bark to get attention and to let the world know how unhappy they are at being left alone.

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Shipping is available in the USA and Canada.

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    Collar/Leash/ID tag
    Food & water bowl
    Small food package
    Complimentary toy with scent of litter mates/mom
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A 2-4 year health guarantee
    Health record
    veterinary well check sheet
    Chew bone
    Sample of dog food
    Puppy care instructions
    24/7 lifetime support of the breeder
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